17 things I learned

And here we are, 365 more days has passed. I wanted to share some things I learned this year and I hope you can relate or you can take inspiration from it to learn something in a new year. 1.Everything happens for a reason and in it's time. I always kind of believed in that but … Continue reading 17 things I learned


And the sky looked like pink cotton candy | arty Monday 


I’ve been obsessed with a youtuber called MsRosieBea. She uploads the most amazing videos and I can’t stop watching her. I binge-watched all of her videos and found a video called Paint with me. Rosie has some great art skills and I loved watching her paint. Because of that I really wanted to do a painting on my own and that’s what I did.

Thank you Mama for buying me some paint so I was able start my new obsession.

I was thinking about what I wanted to paint and I really liked the sea-painting of Rosie so I decided to go for something like that. But because I am so pink-obsessed and just love this colour so much I wanted to go for a pink-red-y landscape.

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Painting is so relaxing. I really loved the process of creating a whole painting myself. In school I had arts but at…

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